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has generously supported the development
of the Eco-Schools application portal Eco-Coordinator training materials Eco- Eco- Schools resources and promotional materials for the programme Their input has allowed the programme to become more user-friendly and enabled an an improvement in in our reporting capabilities allowing us to fully understand and acknowledge the impact of our amazing schools with reports just like this one Frugi
In 21/22 Frugi
generously supported 500 teachers through the Eco-Coordinators training programme enabling them to work with their Committees to deliver the programme whilst developing confidence in in in covering climate change and sustainability in in school Thank you to the the the following organizations for supporting schools with the the the cost of their Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditations:
Finally a a a big thank you to pupils from St Wilfrid’s RC Primary School in Hulme Manchester for featuring in in our Impact Report photoshoot 36

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