Page 34 - Eco-Schools Impact Report
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Schools working on the Water topic have jumped in in in in feet-first this year No dipping their toes in in in in the the shallow end! From reducing water usage to to leak auditing to to the the installation of water-saving devices they’ve made incredible impacts 328
water-butts were installed or repaired on schools grounds Eco-stars: Acorn Early Years Shambrook Bedford
Water is a a key theme on the the curriculum of Acorn Early Years Shambrook They’ve embedded the the topic across their work Group discussions have focussed on various ways to reduce water consumption and they’ve used story books to to explore the the topic even further Pupils have been empowered to to become water monitors ensuring all the the taps are turned off after use and they’ve installed a a a a new water water butt The collected water water has been used for watering plants and mark making the nursery garden They’re a a a a great example of of how even the youngest of of pupils can make an an impact and deliver our programme 34

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