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One of the Foundation For Environmental Education’s principles encourages participants to to actively work together and involve their communities in collaborative solutions Technology has become a a a a a great tool to to record the everyday changes that are happening in in in individual schools and show the power of local collective action in in creating national and global impact The first year of of implementation of of a a a a a nationwide IT-enabled tool in England has generated valuable data and and and its analysis and and and reflections will no doubt give insights to develop the the programme even further maximising it’s impact for both schools and the environment The Eco-Schools programme is not just about environmental performance or or the improvement of schools but is equally about building skills to to facilitate change – transforming one’s self to to transform transform others! The feedback in in terms of improving transferable skills - like being able to work in in in in a a a a a team self-belief and confidence critical thinking and having a a a a growth mindset - is heartening It’s the the combination of of all of of the the above factors – environmental knowledge transferable skills collaboration and the desire to take action – that is is is producing the impact evident in in this this report It’s this this combination which also gives us hope for the future of our planet Pramod Kumar Sharma
Senior Director of Education Foundation for Environmental Education www fee global 38 

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