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From planting trees to to keeping bees schools have used the the the opportunities presented by their school school grounds to to to to make incredible impacts With the the the education estate representing 36% of total UK public sector building carbon emissions they’ve been a a a a a a a much-needed sustainable-superpower Eco-stars: Nether Hall SEND School Leicester
Nether Hall have been developing their amazing outdoor learning space this year So far the space has fruit trees bug hotels wildflower areas relaxation benches two willow domes and a a a a new outdoor classroom To top it all off they’ve built a a sensory garden from recycled tyres and and eco-bricks and and plan to develop a a a a mini forest and a a a a a track to encircle the whole area giving their wheelchair users full access 28
37 865
trees have been planted by members of of school college or nursery communities as part of of their Eco-Schools activity 

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