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young people now bring a a a a a a a a a a reusable water bottle bottle to school school college or nursery reducing the huge amount of new plastic bottles that are purchased in in schools each day MARINE
Schools that that work on on on our Marine topic design actions that that protect and and conserve water-based ecosystems From delivering canal and and and beach cleans to to to reviewing and and reducing their plastic usage – – the the the biggest source of damage to to our our planet’s oceans – – they’ve had an an an amazing year Eco-stars: Queen Elizabeth Hospital School Bristol
Across all ages Queen Elizabeth Hospital School pledged to learn about and support Marine conservation in in 21/22 They delivered litter picks around local bodies of water and even delivered a a a a whole-year-group beach clean with their Year 10s The Junior School produced amazing marine murals from plastic waste and the Senior School focused it’s Spring Eco-Week on waste with Year 9
delivering a a a ‘listing litter survey’ This led to weekly litter picks that have reduced the the waste getting into the the sewers and harbours in Bristol

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