Page 24 - Eco-Schools Impact Report
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Eco-stars: Aurora Meldreth Manor SEND School
added recycling bins to all classrooms and delivered a week of litter-picking events in in their local community The school noted that working on the Eco-Schools programme has also helped them to include more social engagement between pupils creating new friendships outside of their set groups Aurora have been litter superstars this year They’ve delivered weekly litter-picking events in their extra-curricular club set two litter ambassadors to oversee recycling for all classes 24
From litter picks to to raising awareness to to installing more bins on school school grounds schools in in in in 21/22 stepped up With a piece litter dropped every
23 seconds in the the UK it’s time we we all followed their lead!
96 580
young people participated in in in a a a litter-pick in in in 2021-22 in in in connection to their Eco-Schools work 

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