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young people benefitted from or or were introduced to more and better plant-based options in in in schools colleges or or nursery canteens in in connection to their work on on on the the Eco-Schools programme HEALTHY LIVING
With eco-anxiety a a a a a a a a rising concern in in in the younger generation our Healthy Living topic has been embraced this year by proactive pupils Well-being and sensory gardens have been built outdoor learning has increased and and plant-based options - - - - body and and planet-friendly - - - - have been increased on schools menus Eco-stars: Cambourne Village College Cambridge
This year Cambourne Village College built an amazing community sensory garden aiming
to to help pupils to to disconnect from their virtual life and re-engage with their surroundings peers families and members of the community following the COVID-19 pandemic By all accounts they succeeded creating a a a a relaxing learning space for those who need support in in managing their mental well-being and coping with reintegration anxiety 22

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