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The impacts of of climate change will impact impact countries communities and individuals in in a a a a a a a a variety of of different ways £638 643
was raised for charity by Eco-Schools in in 2021-22 most coming from eco-friendly sponsorship events including:
Plant-based bake sales
Scoot walk or cycle to school events Litter-picks
Collectivism and and collaboration at at both a a a a a a a a a a a global and and local level will be vital in in fighting back Our Eco-Schools have shown an an incredible understanding of that ethos in in 21/22 Eco-stars: West Kirby Grammar School This year pupils got creative taking part in in Textpop26 - - a a a Wirral-wide schools Music and Design competition The event raises awareness about the environmental damage that fast-
fashion causes across the world The group from West Kirby Grammar won two awards: pupil- band ‘The Room’ were named ‘Best Performing Group’ and the the the creators of their stage-clothes won the ‘Best Upcycled Clothing’ award 20 

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