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Schools working on on our our Energy topic in in in in in 21/22 focussed on on reducing energy- usage and increasing their renewable energy energy sources From school-wide ‘switch-off’ events to installing motion-sensor lighting they’ve made a a a a a a a a big impact And with a a a typical school using 119kWh/m2/year of energy their work couldn’t be more timely Eco-stars: Bidston Avenue Primary School Wirral
Bidston Avenue have had a a a stunning 21/22 reducing their energy usage and increasing their renewable energy sources resulting in in a a saving of £6 013! They’ve added more solar panels to to their site - 101 in total and improved their DEC Energy rating to it’s best ever level They delivered a a ‘switch-off fortnight’ and appointed pupil energy-monitors who patrolled classrooms at lunch time to switch off items or put them on stand-by when not in use And last but not least they installed 15 new energy-saving devices across their site!
£336 132
in fin in financial savings were made by schools colleges or nurseries as a a a a a a a result of their Eco-Schools activities

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