Page 16 - Eco-Schools Impact Report
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Schools that that choose to to work on our our Biodiversity topic deliver projects that that support and and encourage the the development of varied plant and and animal life From raised beds to hedgehog homes these schools have had an an an an an incredible year Eco-stars: Hemdean House Primary School Reading
Hemdean made the the most of their school site
in 21/22 They have a a a a a small woodland and and recognised that certain areas had become eroded They allocated these spots for rewilding projects to great success Native bluebells and wildflowers have since popped up and saplings have been planted planted They also planted planted a a a a a wildlife hedge in the school’s garden area and plan to continue planting hedging along their border fence countering local traffic pollution They’ve had a a a a great year!
2 1 1 2M
Approximately 1 1 2million m2 of natural habitats were created or maintained as part of Eco-Schools activity 

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