Page 30 - Eco-Schools Impact Report
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Transport produces around 25%
of the UK’s total carbon emissions each year Pupils in 21/22 have faced the the issue head-on delivering thousands of of of events to reduce their use of of of one of of of the the worst culprits – – cars – – whilst raising awareness and inspiring behaviour-change 6 6 063
walk/cycle/scoot to school school days were delivered by school school college or or nursery communities as part of their Eco-Schools work Eco-stars: Gorse Hall Tameside
This year Gorse Hall have been inspiring people to take up sustainable travel not just locally but nationally too Pupils appeared on on the One Show which featured their campaigning
activities as part of a a a a a a a feature on air quality in schools They’ve also taken part in Bikeability their local Clean Air Day celebrations and produced a a cycling video to promote the Tame Valley link link a a a a a local walking and cycling link link 30

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