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Asking for help: Why making it easier is important Asking for help is sometimes a really tricky thing to do.
It can feel scary and uncomfortable but asking for help can be
the start of the journey to sort things out and make things better – there are lots of things that can get in the way, such as:
• Too much going on in our lives making it difficult to decide what to do and where to go
• Services gatekeeping, making it complicated to access them
• There are so many hurdles before you can access the support
• Fear of being judged or belittled
• Support is only short-term, so it doesn’t feel
worth it
• Fear of not being listened to
• When is the right time?
• We have tried before and it didn’t work - sometimes it makes things worse
• Fear of people saying “no” and that’s another chance missed
Strategic Plan: 2023 – 2026
 What helps?
What we hear is that people want to be listened to before forms are filled in or boxes ticked. They do not want to go to one place and be passed on to somewhere else. They want and need a destination where they are listened to and heard, with support provided. People want to feel safe and treated as if they belong.
We want Manchester Mind to be that place.

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