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Working in partnership
We believe in working in partnership, by doing so we can increase our reach and access to support. Currently the areas in which we are working in partnership include:
• Advice
• Volunteering
• Improving access to physical health checks
• Delivering support in schools
• Family intervention work
• Supporting young people leaving care in Manchester
• Designing new mental health support in Manchester
Strategic Plan: 2023 – 2026
 Who we support
80%of the people that come to Manchester Mind are aged between 18 and 57 years of age. We are working with a significant number of young people under 18 through our CYP service and the work we do in schools.
45%of the people we work with come from racialised communities. The majority of people are not in work and are dependent on benefits.
This matches what we know about mental health – if you experience poverty or other types of inequality you are more likely to experience a mental health problem and have experienced trauma and discrimination.
90%of the people we have been working with experience inequality. The majority of people initially access our services through our telephones or through our website.

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