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Welcome to Manchester Mind’s Strategic Plan
The environment we are working in is constantly changing and life is difficult for many people. We believe that our current whole person approach to delivering connected services makes a difference, but we want to do more and we want to do it better - making it easier for people to ask for and receive help. We have a lot to do.
We have spoken to many people during the past 12 months about their experiences of using services and what would help, and the key theme that comes across is that people find it difficult to
get help. That can be because the thresholds for services are too high; or the waiting times are too long; or people don’t feel understood and don’t feel listened to; or there is no clear explanation of what they could do or where they can go. The reasons
are many. It is frustrating and it means that often people do not get the help they need at the point they need it, and we know that the sooner a person does get help the better the outcome.
Strategic Plan: 2023 – 2026

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