Page 9 - Eco-Schools Impact Report
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£336 132
in fin in financial savings were made by schools colleges or nurseries as a a result of their Eco-Schools activities That’s the approximate equivalent of of 988 623 hours (41 192 days!) of of electricity usage or 3 3 3 381 310 hours (140 887 days!) of gas usage *
Read our Energy statistics on page 18
96 580
young people participated in a a a litter-pick That’s more than the entire population of Watford!
Read our Litter statistics on page 24
1 1 2M M2
Approximately 1 1 2million m2 of natural habitats were created or maintained as part of Eco-Schools activity – this is is equivalent to 168 Wembley Stadium pitches!
Read our Biodiversity statistics on page 16 2M KG
More than 2m kg of waste was was diverted from landfill this year by schools working on the Eco-Schools programme – that’s the same weight as 350 elephants combined!
Read our Waste statistics on page 32
37 865
trees have been planted by members of school college or nursery communities as part of their Eco-Schools activity Once matured each tree could take in up to 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year! In total that could be more that 800 000 kgs!
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*Source: https://www theecoexperts co co co uk/solar-panels/kwh-electricity-prices Figures correct as of 1/11/22 9 

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