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This report is is a a a a celebration of young people in England and and their supportive tireless teachers Together they inspire us At the the start of the the 2021-22 academic year Eco-Schools adopted
a a a a a a a a a new annual format with an an improved online application portal This allowed Eco-Coordinators and their their pupils to to input evidence of their their activities as they progressed throughout the the year – from photographs of them at work to to snapshots of their their creations to to the the the varied statistical data connected to to their their actions The findings are incredible For the first time we can conclusively understand how Eco-Schools are making a a a a a a a difference difference and and what a a a a a a a difference!
All facts and figures in this report are taken from data submitted by schools during the 2021-2022 application window The statistics show a a a a a generation of change-makers inspired to improve and and preserve our planet for everyone and and everything that calls it ‘home’ Their impact is varied deep and long-lasting The figures and images that you’re about to to see are testament to to a a a a a a a movement of of young people who are creative proactive and focussed Their spirit sense of of urgency collaborative approach and pragmatism are an an inspiration They make us feel positive for the future and in many cases put adults to shame!
And of course they’re supported by their amazing teachers and school communities They facilitate this impact and give their pupils the the agency to make change In the the current context of education in England their contribution is stunning We hope that you enjoy reading about the impact of schools working on our Eco-Schools programme just as as much as as we have Adam Flint
Manager Eco-Schools England 7

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