Page 25 - Eco-Schools Impact Report 2022-2023
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Eco- Coconut Nursery, Stoke Newington
u m en li re have an unwavering dedication to engaging
prod Everyday children are involved in growing
y c E e o c n s b e v t t wide variety of items. Recent initiatives have
meant produ astic is than ever, reliance on single-use plastics has
ati  on eir ectri ri to pr ei pa on Nursery also provides opportunities to celebrate
diversity, facilities to support biodiversity,
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Eco- the Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary
Academy, Leicester
Last year, Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary
pla my s  34 35
Eco-S   l y i ti r
s  tional to
a who m, all, as they wholeheartedly reduced waste,
used less energy, promoted active travel,
saved water, and supported biodiversity.
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Eco-S ver l
pa k
has  siona tal   a   t s are not behaving sustainably!
Eco-  Year
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Eco- 5
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