Page 4 - Unfair To Care Scottish Supplement 2023
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  The themes of Korn Ferry’s analysis
   Practical/Technical Knowledge
Planning, Organising and Integrating Knowledge
Communicating and Influencing Skills
Thinking Environment Thinking Challenge
Freedom to Act Impact Magnitude
   Korn Ferry’s analysis not only reviewed the know-how, problem solving and accountability factors which represent the key components of job size in most sectors, but also the workplace environmental factors that define the overall experience of work. Incorporating all of these factors in their analysis meant that the Support Worker role could be robustly compared with thousands of roles across multiple sectors, drawing upon Korn Ferry’s unparalleled datasets.
This provided, for the fifirst time, a truly 360° view of frontline social care roles and revealed the true fair rate for pay.
Requirements of the role that might cause emotional strain due to traumatic circumstances, experiences or events, challenge from or confrontation with others, personal threat or a combination of these.
Requirements of the role that may be unpleasant or cause discomfort due to exposure to variations in, or extremes of: noise, moisture, dust, odours, noxious substances or temperature.
The physical aspects of a role that may cause fatigue or strain.

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