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Support Worker, Abbie Bowler, was just 24 when
the Covid-19 pandemic struck, her landlord went bankrupt, and she found herself facing homelessness. With no savings to fall back on, and nowhere else
to turn, she applied for a grant through Community Integrated Care’s Wellbeing Fund. Three years later, Abbie is settled in her new home and loving life...
“When the pandemic hit, I was working in the hospitality industry and almost immediately, I was made redundant. I was worried, but I saw it as an opportunity to find something that I was really passionate about and could make a career out of. That’s when I came across the role of Support Worker with the charity. I applied and got the job – I was over the moon!
I settled in really quickly and felt like I had finally found
my calling. So when only six months in, my landlord went bankrupt and told me he was selling my flat, I couldn’t believe it. I had used up any savings I had when I was out of work, so I had no deposit for a new flat and no one I could stay with. I felt like my life had been turned upside down and my mental health really took a serious knock.
So when my manager, Jordan, approached me and suggested I could try and apply for a grant from the charity’s Wellbeing Fund, it felt like my only hope.
I honestly couldn’t believe it when Jordan called to say my application had been approved, and not only was I getting the deposit for a new home, I was getting some money to buy basic furnishings too!
It’s now three years later and I love my new home
and job so much. I’ve built strong relationships with the people I support, in particular, George, who has learning difficulties and complex needs. I’ve come to know George so well and really understand his needs. We have a strong bond and I get so much happiness from seeing him thrive and live the best life he can.
When George decided he was going to move to one of Community Integrated Care’s brand-new purpose- built apartment complexes, I knew I had to move with him too. I just couldn’t see myself anywhere else.
Sometimes I look back and can’t believe how much things have changed for me in just a few years – the Wellbeing Fund honestly saved my life”.

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