Page 18 - CYC IMPACT REPORT 2023-24
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Pass Me On. This resulted in an estimated emissions reduction of 146,215 kg CO₂E.
Outerwear is the most commonly donated item in the UK, with books also popular items to donate. If we take the 7kg CO₂E for t-shirts again, and a median estimate
for a book (3kg CO₂E), and split the difference, we get 5kg CO₂E. Our figure is based on a sum of 5kg CO₂E x 29,243 pupils donating something they no longer need.
Substitute 4 baths for 4 showers and limit them to 4 minutes. This resulted in an approx. emissions reduction of 45,731 kg CO₂E.
Replacing a daily bath with a three-minute shower could save approximately 849kg CO2 per year for a family of 4. Doing a little bit of maths using this figure, 849/4
= 212.5kg CO₂E reduction for an individual across the year. 212.5kg/365 = 0.581kg. So switching a bath for a 3 minute shower each day saves 0.581kg CO₂E per
person. However that’s for a three minute shower, not 4 minutes. Switching a bath for a 4 minute shower each day therefore saves 0.43kg CO₂E per day.
Our figure is based on a sum of 0.43kg CO₂E x 26,588 pupil x 4 times.
Design a flight-free holiday. In theory, this would result an estimated emissions reduction of 3.48m kg CO₂E.
Spain is the UK’s most popular holiday destination with a return flight to Madrid producing 195kg CO₂E. Our figure is based on a sum of 195kg CO₂E x 17,809 pupils
opting for a flight-free holiday .

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