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How will we measure success?
Our annual business plans will focus on our objectives. They will be fully costed, reflecting our priorities and operational delivery plans.
We will have focused on people
Our staff and volunteers will report improvements in their wellbeing and feeling supported by Manchester Mind, and they will have had
access to a training and awareness that they
have helped design. They will be recognised for raising awareness, and challenging stigma and discrimination in mental health.
We will have sustained and developed our whole person approach
We can track the journey of the people who use our services, so we are confident in being able to demonstrate how a whole person, trauma-informed approach, delivered by committed staff and volunteers, can be the blueprint for mental health support in the community.
We will have strengthened our influence and voice
Which is recognised locally for the quality of our support and innovative ways of working that reflect
the voices of Manchester residents. We will have supported and enabled people to be involved and influence the planning and delivery of mental health services locally, regionally and nationally.
We will be well run and sustainable
Always asking the difficult questions. We will have balanced robust planning and financial management, with new opportunities and being innovative in the delivery of services.
We will have made it easy for people to ask for help
We will have engaged with more people, and offered them more support in each of the following 3 years.
 Strategic Plan: 2023 – 2026

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