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  Sustaining and developing our whole person approach
Everything is connected, whether that is in terms of psychological, biological, social aspects of a person and a person’s physical environment
The support people need is also connected; it is rarely just one thing. Internally, the services we provide are connected and overlap. People tell us it is often hard to get all the support they need in one place or that physical needs are often usurped by mental health issues or vice versa, and for many, social factors are not dealt with at all.
Our current range of services do address some of these needs and we have found that we still have gaps, which include doing more work around developing physical activity, advice for young people, and advice to help with debts.
We are also noticing that more people are accessing our support who are in or on the edge of crisis.
Our current experience also tells us that some
of our services, such as advice, our support sessions and counselling, are oversubscribed with rising demand and we will need to think about how we address this.
Connecting our own services is also vital in this area.
What helps is when people talk to each other, we use the power of the group/collective, in supporting the people we work with.
Therefore, the people who use our services benefit not just from one person they see but they tap into a much bigger support system within Manchester Mind. This helps people know what is out there so they know what they are entitled to, and that they are worthy of help and respect.
“All this incredible support was available to me at the end of just one phone call, and I was not even aware of it. All I had to do was make that one call rather than suffer the pain. I am shocked at the amount of support I have been linked in to. I would encourage others to reach out for help”
A person supported through our telephone listening ear service
Strategic Plan: 2023 – 2026

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